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From the desk of J. Ellis: August 2023

Treasure In A Field Trilogy Update and More...

Book Two has begun! Story line is taking shape. Want a sneak peak? A few paragraphs from Chapter One? Message me, tell me one thing you loved about book one, and I will share a piece with you.

Fall 2023: coming to a bookstore near you! Watch the homepage for updates on fall appearances!

If you have read Treasure In A Field Book One, the Fullness of Time, please leave me a review on Goodreads

Coming to the website in October 2023: A timeline from the beginnings of World Over. Including Eras, the History of Kings, Unknown Realms, Ancient Tomes, and more!

You've requested more detailed maps! Look for these on the Website in the Spring of 2024.

In other news, I've a sci-fi novel in the works. Working title: "Liminium." In next month's newsletter I will share a brief description of the story.

Peace to you,

J. Ellis Blaise

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