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Under the Ice

In the section titled Under the Ice, members of the Underground rush to rescue Wesley from the dungeon in the castle in Port Regael. After the tide goes out they venture under the frozen sea and sneak into the castle. Will they find Wesley and make their way out before the tide comes in? This scene is inspired by a children's book entitled, Very Last First Time, by Jan Andrews and Ian Wallace. 


The Story

My children enjoyed many classic children's books when they were young. Very Last First Time was one of their favorites. It tells the story of Eva, an Inuit girl, and her first journey alone under the ice. One morning she walks with her mother to the bay anticipating her solo journey. Knowing that the tide is out they make a hole in the ice, and Eva climbs down with her candle to walk the sea floor collecting mussels for her family to eat. This is the first time she ventures down by herself. Follow the link below to watch footage from Quebec as men collect mussels beneath the ice! 



Read more about Very Last First Time on Goodreads.


The Advent of Kings

Just over half way through Treasure In A Field, in the section titled The Advent of Kings, Wesley's brother Derian arrives in Port Regael. King Ninian leads Derian to a banquet hall at Regael Castle where scores of guests wait to celebrate his arrival. This scene is inspired by Viking Hall at Rock Island State Park in Wisconsin, USA. 

Rock 1.jpg

The Story

My family and I have camped on Rock Island many times. In the boathouse, you can read about the history of the island and take shelter when there is severe weather. The boathouse, along with other buildings on the island were built by Chester Thordarson. In 1904, he invented the electrical transformer, one of which is displayed in Viking Hall. In the early 1900's Thordarson brought colleagues and clients from Chicago to the island for hunting and relaxation. Upon his death, he donated the land to the State of Wisconsin

On the chairs which surround long tables are some of my favorite elements in Viking Hall.

Thordarson had scenes from Norse Myths, carved into the backrest. Each chair's carving is unique.  

For more information about Rock Island State Park in Wisconsin, I've included a couple of links below.



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