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From the desk of J. Ellis Blaise, December 2023

Updated: Jan 1

Bimonthly Newsletter

Seasons greetings! Recently, I discovered a podcast by Jim Thayer entitled, "The Essential Guide to Writing a Novel." He shares clear illustrations as he explains technique. I highly recomend it, whatever your skill level.

Take a look below for the beginnings of a timeline to World Over!

In Book I, The Fullness of Time, King Ninian refers to the Bailiwik Wars and the Council of Lothian. Aphrosyna, Medici's mother, is confined to the sprectral. There is over a century to go from here to when we join the lives of the characters in Book I. There have been requests for backstory of Medici and his mother, Sophia's father Bishop, and others. I'm keeping notes and look forward to adding some short stories to the Treasure In a Field saga.

Throughout the holiday season, my son thought it would be fun to set up a Lego table and create scenes from The Fullness of Time. He's gathered boxes of legos and the building has begun. Over the next couple months watch for social media posts that will highlight the creations.

Book II

Good things are under way! There are a couple new characters that make there debut at the onset of Book II. An old abbot and a Korrigan shepherd. If you'd like to get a sneak peak, send me note telling me something you liked or would like to know more about the story after reading book I.

Get a copy of Treasure in a Field on sale through February 29th!

Thanks for reading!

Peace to you!

J. Ellis Blaise

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