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From the desk of J. Ellis Blaise, February 2024

Updated: Feb 4

Bimonthly Newsletter

While I'm currently outlining and writing book II of Treasure In A Field, I've been inspired to write a short story concerning King Francis Gaspard, Wesley's great-grandfather. The goal is to have it ready for editing by June 2024.

In book I, The Fullness of Time, we learn that Francis Gaspard, sold all that he had, that is "all but his braise," to purchase the field that held the treasure. In this story, we find ourselves in the village of Inklesmoore, an outpost to the consummated kingdom. After months of inquiring, sources led Francis to "The Old Crookness Field Tea Room" (working title). It is here that Gaspard meets with the proprietor of the field, Leafblad, who manifests the full weight of the treasure, which Francis knows will crush him. But what else can he do?

Currently, no updates on the Science Fiction work in progress "Liminium." But stay tuned.

Get your copy of Treasure In A Field," on sale through February 29th.

Peace to you,

J. Ellis Blaise

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